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    This is a favorite of mine as I enjoy South of the Border and Tex Mex recipes. This recipe will make more than 1 quesadilla. Adjust your ingredients to how many you are going to make.

    Boneless Chicken Breast – precooked and shredded (Canned Chicken will work too)
    Tortillas – small (6″ diameter)
    Onion – minced
    Green Pepper – minced (Bell Pepper, Poblano or Aneheim. Any of these are a good choice)
    Monterey Jack Cheese – shredded
    Adobo Seasoning – See Pie Iron Spices and Spice Blends
    Jalapeno – sliced
    Vegetable Oil Spray

    Spray the pie iron halves with oil. Tuck one tortilla into the pie iron making a cup. Fill the pie iron with the desired amount of the ingredients creating a mound. Place another tortilla on top. Close and latch crimping the tortillas together forming the Quesadilla. Trim the tortillas as needed forming a nice neat package. Hold over heat

    until golden brown. Serve with salsa, sour cream and pickled jalapeno slices.

    Remember, DO NOT over stuff the Quesadilla. The part of the tortilla that hangs over the edge needs to be clear of the stuffing so it will make a good seal when the pie iron is closed.

    Dan M.
    Kannapolis, NC

    The breakfast sandwich is easy and quick. Start with a round pie iron.

    1 English muffin – cut in half
    1 Egg – fried hard or poached (solid yolk)
    1 slice American Cheese or Velveeta
    Canadian bacon or Ham Lunchmeat

    * See Pie Iron Cooking Tips on how to toast a bun.

    Butter bun, reverse it, place in the the pie iron for toasting. Toast bun and set aside. Spray one half of the pie iron for frying an egg. Brown the

    ham in the other half. When the Canadian bacon and egg are finished set aside. Return bun back in pie iron, add egg, cheese and bacon. Close

    & latch iron. Heat the camp breakfast muffin through and cheese starts to melt about 3 to 4 minutes.

    Add a serving of Hash Browns for a full breakfast.

    Dan M.
    Kannapolis, NC

    This recipe is perfect when you have three or four pie irons in your arsenal and your cooking for one.

    Start with a square pie iron.

    1 Bell Pepper Ring – cut to the thickness of pie iron
    1 Onion Ring – cut to the thickness of pie iron
    Mushroom – cut into pieces
    4 Grape Tomatoes – whole or cut in half based on size
    Beef – stew meat or steak (cut into 1/2″ squares)
    Beef Seasoning – See Pie Iron Spices and Spice Blends
    Splash of Worchestershire Sauce
    Olive Oil – spray

    Lightly spray both side of a square pie iron with olive oil. Lay the bell pepper ring in one of the pie iron halves. Insert the onion ring inside the bell

    pepper ring. Add a few pieces of meat, mushrooms and tomatoes to the area inside the rings. Tuck a few pieces of meat and/or vegetables into

    each corner. Sprinkle with Beef Seasoning. Drizzle lightly with Worchestershire Sauce, close and latch.

    Do not pack it to tight, leave a little bit if wiggle room for the juices to move around. When turning over, turn quickly to save the liquids from the

    meat and vegetables.

    Cook until the meat has the desired doneness that you like. (4 minutes a side for medium rare).

    Serve the Shish Kabobs with Hash Browns and Garlic Bread for a fancy dinner for 1, all made in minutes with 3 pie irons.

    Dan M.
    Kannapolis, NC

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