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Rules & Prizes

The Pie Iron Recipes Pie Iron Photo Contest 2021.

Please submit one original picture or photo collage of your Pie Iron Creation, also include an Ingredient List / Recipe (add it to the description box when you enter the contest). If the recipe is not an original, please note the person or cookbook it is from, so we can give them credit.

Be sure to use the best picture possible as it will be voted on by our readers. It can be a Main Dish, a Dessert, it is wide open. Just needs to be made in a Pie Iron.

Include your First Name, Last Name Initial, City & State, so we can give you credit.  All recipes will be added to the website for others to enjoy.

Be sure to tell your Friends, Share and/or Like the Pie Iron Recipes Photo Contest.

The weather this time of year is perfect for Pie Irons while camping and grilling, even though the contest will run through the winter and into the spring' Most folks like to use their Pie Irons over a campfire in the cooler weather.

The deadline for ALL entries will be October 31, 2021. Voting will begin November 1, 2021 and run through November 30, 2021. This will give everyone plenty of time to upload the best picture possible. The winner will be announced on December 1, 2021.

I'm sure you're asking yourself "What Do I Win?"

Pie Iron Club T-ShirtPie Iron Cover

The Winner will receive Bragging Rights plus a Pie Iron Club T-Shirt and Pie Iron Cover.

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