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Pie Iron Cooking Tips | Pie Iron Recipes

Before using your new Aluminum or Steel Pie Iron, wash it with soap and water. You are now ready to cook.

A new cast iron pie iron is coated with a thin layer of paraffin wax to prevent rusting. Unlatch and separate the pie iron and hold each half over a campfire to burn off the wax coating, set the pie iron aside to cool, then scrub it with hot soapy water. Now it is ready for seasoning. Lightly warm the cast iron prior to spraying inside and out with vegetable oil. Wipe off excess and heat the iron over the campfire, do not hold the pie iron over direct flames to avoid soot. Heat the iron for about 45 to 50 minutes and allow the cool. The oil should appear shiny, but dry to the touch, if still oily, reheat and check it again. The pie iron will get darker with age. Remember to oil it after every use.

  • Do not submerge hot pie iron in cold water.
  • Be careful around pie irons, they stay hot for a long time after cooking.
  • Do not leave pie iron unattended.
  • Be careful and respectful of others next to you while cooking with pie irons.
  • Do not set pie iron on surfaces that can be damaged by heat.
  • Tie back all loose articles of clothing and hair prior to working around a campfire.
  • Pie Iron cooking is not recommended for young children.
  • The fillings will be HOT, so be careful with your favorite creation.
  • Pie fillings are like molting lava and when punctured a blast of steam can burn.

Pie Iron Cooking Tips:

If you can’t smell it, it ain’t done, If it smells done, it’s done, If it smells burnt, it burnt.

Pie Irons are a wonderful and versatile way to cook in camp.

The pie iron is a great tool for making quick, hot sandwiches and desserts.

It’s something the kids can do with minimal supervision.

Most kids eat a lot while camping and having a set of pie irons will keep them occupied while giving them a hot snack.

The best thing about cooking with a pie iron is the simplicity for anyone to use which makes it fun for the whole family.

Have multiple pie irons ready for a full 3 course meal. 1 for your entrée, 1 for the side dish and 1 for dessert.

If you’re using buns or English muffins, insert them into the pie iron inside out (back to back) for toasting prior to preparing your recipe, then turn the muffin or bun around, assemble the sandwich and toast.

The variations of breads and refrigerated doughs are numerous. Try using biscuits or pizza dough for calzones or miniature hot pizza pockets.

The pie irons can be used as tiny skillets for frying bacon, eggs or hamburgers.

The recipes that can be made are endless, experiment and have fun.

Pie Iron Cooking while camping is an outdoor experience for all ages.

The pie iron is a simple device that in the right hands can turn out gourmet delights.

There are many factors that contribute to pie iron cooking like wind, outdoor temperature, length of cooking time, heat source, practice is what makes the recipes good or bad.

Do not overload your pie iron. Cut your meats and vegetables into bite size pieces for faster cooking.

Practice, Practice, Practice.

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