This tasty Pie Iron breakfast sandwich is very easy to assemble and can be toasted right up in the morning. Precook the bacon the night before while cooking dinner, giving you more time in the morning.

2 Slices of Bread – slightly stale
1 Egg – fried or scrambled
Cheese – sliced
Bacon – cooked and chopped
Salt and Pepper – to taste

We scrambled the egg and cooked in our square pie iron, so it would fit nicely on the bread

Butter the bread and add to the pie iron. Add the egg, meat and cheese. Close the pie iron and latch. Cook till is golden brown. This breakfast sandwich has endless possibilities. Add onions, peppers, hot sauce and different meats and cheeses.

Dan M.
Kannapolis, NC

Pie Iron Breakfast Sandwich

Pie Iron Breakfast Sandwich

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